Thursday, September 3, 2009

God is Near

God is God

When the springtime has come -
The cherry tree has lots of fruit
And picking it is fun -

God is God
When the cherry tree is bare -
When there's not even one
Little cherry to share -

God is Near
At the start of the day -
When there's lots of hope and light
When the world is okay -

God is Near
When the night is here -
When all the fun is over
And there's lots to fear -

You need God
When you're on top of your game -
You know what you're doing
And you're free from shame -

You need God
When your life is a mess -
You're disliked, you're discouraged
And you have no success -

So wherever you go,
Whether up or way down -
Go hang out with God
And it's okay to frown -

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