Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Authoritative Dictionary of “Yo”

The reference guide that you all have been waiting for! This dictionary defines clearly the twenty-five different standard meanings of the word.

If you thought that this word is simple, prepare to be enlightened. If you are confused about how to interpret a word with so many different meanings, let me just clarify that you can usually figure out how it's being used by the tone of voice, facial expression, context of situation, and relational context. For example, two friends would not use the word “yo” to mean #11, etc.

  1. Hi

  2. Hi!

  3. Hi :)

  4. I like you

  5. I'm happy

  6. I'm sad

  7. I want your attention

  8. (filler word)

  9. I've had a long day and I'm happy to see you

  10. You make me happy

  11. I love you

  12. I agree with you

  13. I don't have a response to that

  14. You are awesome

  15. I love looking into your eyes

  16. You keep making my mind go blank

  17. You are cute

  18. I don't want you to leave

  19. I'm sad, but it makes me feel better to know that you care

  20. Where'd you go?

  21. I'm sad cus I'm sorry

  22. I'm sad cus you seem to be unhappy with me

  23. I care and empathize with you

  24. It's nice just to be here with you

  25. I just wanted to say something