Thursday, August 25, 2011

Poetry, For the WIN

The following is a set of two poems. The first poem contains a covert message, and the following poem, which was sent in reply, is encoded in the same way. If you search and study and cannot find the hidden messages, then you can select the area under the poems where I will have written the key to deciphering them.

Ice caps melt slowly, as time still ticks on


Long moments glide by, like a beautiful swan

Of all the things I could possibly do


Valiantly fighting all darkness in view

Each day that I have, I want you by my side


Year by year, you and I firmly allied

Of all the dreams we have, still so bold


Ultimately, the end of our story is yet 'to be told'


I am impressed by your glorious talent!
Love is evident, and heaven-sent
On wings of an angel, that came and went
Victoriously despite the energy spent.

Enough about that, I want to hold
You close in my arms 'til we're both old
On retirement plans we were each sold
Until (due to Democrat schemes) they fold.

Today's not the time for that however!
Or if it is, it's time to sever
Our thoughts relating to times of never.
! Yes, let's focus on forever!


Key: Read the first letter of each line (but ignore the lines within parenthesis)


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Anonymous said...

I’ve Always Been Crazy
Waylon Jennings

I've always been crazy and the trouble that it's put me through
I've been busted for things that I did, and I didn't do
I can't say I’m proud of all of the things that I’ve done
But I can say I’ve never intentionally hurt anyone

I've always been different with one foot over the line
Winding up somewhere one step ahead or behind
It ain't been so easy but I guess I shouldn't complain
I've always been crazy but it's kept me from going insane

Beautiful lady are you sure that you understand
The chances your taking loving a free living man
Are you really sure you really want what you see
Be careful of something that's just what you want it to be

I've always been crazy but it's kept me from going insane
Nobody knows if it's something to bless or to blame
So far I ain't found a rhyme or a reason to change
I've always been crazy but it's kept me from going insane

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