Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ashes Like Snow

Can a house burn up while it's burning down?
This fire has taken up more than half the town

I calm myself down - I say a prayer
When I breathe, I can taste the smoke in the air

Black orangish clouds creep across the whole sky
The wind blows too fast, too hot, and too dry

Fear grips my chest - smoke - I can't breathe anymore
The world starts to spin, as, I sink to the floor

"All I hold dear is gone now" I cry
As ashes fall softly like snow from the sky


It's wintertime here, and Christmas is coming
With holiday songs about drummer boys drumming

I hear jingling bells and see Christmas decor
Kind people wrap presents to give to the poor

Wreaths and holly will hang from each door
Fresh gingerbread man - and the children want more

The gift that I bought her, pies that I would bake
When it comes to mind, my heart starts to break

Something Christmas is missing, I'm not going to lie
I ask for a white Christmas, and what's the reply?
Just ashes falling like snow from the sky


To buy me that house, I saved all my life
That house was a home, not one bit of strife

I gave up my todays for her tomorrows
I gave her a home to protect her from sorrows

Up in the hills, where the weather is drier
Our house was one of the first to catch fire

The firemen tell me beyond a doubt
That my girl didn't even try to get out

She hated her pain, she wanted to die
I feel so angry and sad - she didn't even try!
And the ash it now falls like snow from the sky


My past and my future have gone up in flame
My hope, my heart, my house, my dame

This life - what's left - this ash - it's my fate
I wanted to save her, but I was too late

This nightmare I wish was just a dream
If I could speak, or breathe, I'm sure I would scream

She was scared of the dark, so I held her at night
I comforted - told her things would be alright

I told her that Christmas would be quite a sight
Said we could go see trees all dusted in white
But only ash falls like snow tonight


So Christmas is here - the cheer and the laughter
The reading of stories and happy ever after

At least I'm sure that's how some people feel
Far away from this fire, where pain seems unreal

When carols are sung, and stories are read
To me it all seems so empty and dead

The lights are so bright, the beauty of night
I hear someone saying things will be alright

Then I try to breathe, but the air is too dry
I hold on to hope, at least, I do try
But inside of my soul, I've started to die
There's nothing left in me - I can't even cry
And the ash like sweet snow still falls from the sky



Anonymous said...

Hi Skarlet,

What a powerful, sad poem! I know in my own way what it is to loose & what it feels like to want to die, but like a modern day Job, I now know that my God reigns in the BAD & in the GOOD times. Its only by going through the "the valleys" that we really experience God, up till then, its only a drama, a Sunday school experience. I HATE when I see stupid Christians making little out of the Greatest Judgement of God, so far - Noah & the Ark. These people demean a portion of scripture & have children singing ditties about it.Can you imagine what would happen if they did the same about The Gas Chambers of Germany? "And they went in 2 by 2" la, la,la." You would have every Talmudic Jew screaming "ANTISEMITISM"! But, ah, we can make a joke about Noah & The Ark & pretend its some kind of myth. Remember it was Yahweh/Jesus that flooded the world & only 8 people were saved.

Once you remove the ANGER OF GOD, you are left with a handicapped God! From the start of Christianity, people tried to remove the God of the Old Testament from the God of the New Testament. It cannot be done! They are One & the same God. I was reading 1 Samuel 6:1-21 & I was blown away! 50,070 slaughtered for messing with the Ark. I wonder is there a connection? People who don't respect God's Arks wind up dead!

Oh! By the way. Forgiveness is the greatest cure for most psychiatric illnesses. We must ask God for His forgiveness of our sin & we must forgive others & ESPECIALLY ourselves. If we don't it will destroy us! I now know that is the reason for the large amounts of suicides, worldwide.

I sent you another post while on another email address - Larry. I am the same person.

Anonymous said...

Deep and exposing to what people really feel everyday. I am also a fellow writer yet my stuff is no where near yours.

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