Monday, August 15, 2011

The Door at the End of the Staircase

Suppose you're in the Twilight Zone one day. You're walking down a staircase, and there's a door at the bottom, but before you open the door you realize that it's not just any door. It's a door to the most traumatic situation from your past.

If you could walk through that door, into your worst nightmare, bringing with you power, love, wisdom, and any other resources or people that you need -- If you had the chance to bring safety into that situation, power/protection, and a chance for true communication to be happening -- would you do it?

Is it worth it to resolve that overwhelming nightmare once and for all, or is it better to turn around and walk back up that staircase?


Anonymous said...

Hi Scarlet,

If only, if only? The haunting unanswered question. Its about 3 years ago that I left my depressed brother in his home, to cross the road & go to bed & be ready for work in the morning. We had buried 3 siblings over a 23 month period & our spirits were down. I had heard my brother say he was sick of life & all the deaths. My brother Patrick had died of MRSA in a psychiatric hospital, having spent the last 25 years there due to brain damage, the result of a Hit & Run driver. He was 63. Little did I think passing my brother Aidan's house the next morning, that he had committed suicide & I wouldn't know until 4.30pm, just finishing my shift in the local hospital, where I worked as an Orderly.

I didn't see it coming & it nearly destroyed me. Even now, 3 years later, it cuts deep & hurts.
Nothing can prepare you for suicide. I was dealing with Breda's, Patrick's & Maria's, but I was too close to the Fire, this time & it burnt me & I wear the scars in my heart & mind.

When your young, the hormones are pumping & life is ahead of you, but when you start to see your siblings lowered into the earth, it shatters your illusion. "For whom the bells toll? They toll for thee"!

May the Triune God, Father, Son & Holy Spirit comfort you & strengthen you in all your trials.

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