Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Confrontation (A Poem)

Sometimes you'll feel hurt
And perhaps angry too -
But before you confront them
Here's what you should do -

First check your own heart once
Or better yet, twice -
Make sure there's no malice
Mixed with your advice -

You need to forgive
Yes, before you go talk -
Or your heart will be hateful
And hard as a rock -

Then try to be humble
Before you condemn -
You could be the problem
It might not be them -

Don't go by opinion
But go by what's true -
You think that you're right
That's what they think too!

So go read the Bible
Which is Wisdom's book -
Do you know what it says?
Let's go take a look -

If the Scriptures say they are wrong
You know it's right -
But then hold your horses
And don't start a fight -

You are not enemies, though that's
How it may seem -
You're together in Christ
And that makes you a team -
Now it will be hard,
And it won't be much fun -
But pull them aside and
Talk one on one -

Be firm when you tell them
The truth that you see -
Also be quick to listen to
Their humble plea -

Perhaps things were not
All that they seemed to be -
The other perspective
Might just be the key -

Never say "Silence!
I Kill You!" no no -
Hold love in your heart
They're your friend, not your foe -

Now if they read the Bible
Quite different than you -
Respect their belief
It's the kind thing to do -

They are not rebelling
Against the Most High -
Their thoughts are sincere,
And they don't mean to lie -

Don't call them stupid
Stubborn or dumb -
Why not just be nice?
And give them some gum?

Bless your opponent
Yes, bless and don't curse -
See, odds are in favor
Of you being worse!
But if they won't listen,
And show you the door -
Go out and bring witnesses,
Two or three more -

At this point, if they still
Refuse to agree -
Then bring the church elders
For them to go see -

However, if they start to see
All their wrongs -
Do not dance a jig
Singing victory songs -

No, do not just blame them
And harp on their flaws -
But show them the way
To obey all God's laws -

If you look for virtue,
Then virtue you'll find -
Train them in righteousness
Gently and kind -

Show patience and tough love
For all their mistakes -
You might be surprised
At the difference it makes -
Your sins are paid for
Your eternity set -
But loving each other
Is still our good debt -

Forgive those who sin
And forgiveness you'll get -
And always remember
Or else you'll forget!


Richard Shaward said...

Thank you for this poem. You are a wise young lady. Especially like your posts on Calvinism also. How'd you get so smart? (and I am 44 !!!). Thanks again

Skarlet said...

Personally, I mostly blame my parents for my intelligence and wisdom. They are innately intelligent, and also homeschooled me, and had me memorize several chapters of Scripture before I was even 8 years old. Any other wisdom or creativity I may have stumbled across, I hold God accountable for.

I'm glad you enjoyed the poem, though. Whenever I post something, I hope that my writing will end up being a blessing to someone - so, thank you for telling me that you enjoyed it. Otherwise, I wouldn't have known. :)

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