Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Time, I will hunt you down! And I will find you!

It's easy enough to make a time budget, but then it's difficult to audit. You get to the end of the day, half the things on your to-do list are untouched, you still feel exhausted, and then you wonder:  Where did all my time go?   Did things individually take longer than I anticipated?  Or am I just getting distracted and not doing things on my list?  If you're in a very thoughtful mood, you might even wonder - Is my life being spent on the things I want my life to be spent on?

Therefore, I have created a way to keep track of all my time, using coffee cups, poker chips, and coins!

The coffee cups list the things I might be be doing, but they all start out empty.  [By the way, the above image does *not* show all of the coffee cups. Obviously there are a great many more categories.]   Poker chips and coins are time-currency, and represent various amounts of time.  Once I spend my time on something, I put that amount of time-currency into the appropriately labeled coffee cup.

Then, if I ever need to know where all my time has gone, I can just look inside all of the cups and see how much time-currency is in each one. (And then I can question whether that's the ideal placement of time, or what I wish to change)

Bonus:  I can put time-currency into two cups for the same amount of time if I was accomplishing both at once.  For example, if I am working AND enjoying myself for an hour, I can put an hour of time-currency into both the “work” container and also the “enjoyment” container.

So, uh, now I need to go put some currency into the "blog" and "enjoyment" cups...  :D



Anonymous said...

Yay!!! She's back, she's back, back back back back back!

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