Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I think I just found my calling!

Dancing With Fire

Seriously, tell me *this* does not look like fun! Actually, I don't think that the word "fun" does the activity justice. It goes way beyond "pleasant" and well into the range of "insanely awesome!"

Of course, the element of danger does play a definite role in the appeal of this activity, but you have to admit that it also involves quite a bit of mad skills, art, and the simple beauty of fire.

I think that everyone should take the time to cultivate a skill or two (other than the requisite "Super Smash Bros" skills, mind you), and you must admit - playing the piano has Nothing on this!

Note: This blog does not endorse playing with fire, except in legal venues.


JD said...

You admit danger has is an element to this, I go one step further. This wouldn't half as awesome if there wasn't such danger involved!

And yes, this does look absolutely amazing, I wonder how one would go about learning. Obviously you wouldn't start with the fire, but still, it looks hard, but very fun!

Skarlet said...


Skarlet said...

Obviously, I've actually given some thought to this. :)

JD said...

Well, actually, I couldn't tell. I supposed it's one more thing to add to that list of things you want to do!

Silas Reinagel said...

I disagree.

I most certainly do not admit nor agree that playing the piano (or another musical instrument) has nothing on this...

Skarlet said...

Silas, well to be honest, that particular statement was more a hyperbole than anything else. How about fire and music together? That would be pretty rad.

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